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E-commerce Review

When we were first designing the platform of our business we had no idea with which e-commerce platform to use or even how it integrate it into our website. We needed a company with the expertise to not only give us the proper direction to go in, but also to show us the best […]

Namecard Review

I am a real estate agent and first impressions can be a last impression. In the realty industry sellers are looking for the best agent to represent them and buyers judge the process based on the impression the agent gives them. I want to make sure that when I leave my business card with […]

Marketing Review

I had been making handmade soaps and creams for people in my neighborhood as well as friends and family. My husband and I decided that this could turn into a real business opportunity. We had no idea how to build a website or what to even do once we did have one set up. […]

Flyer Review

My club relies on promoting many events locally within a small area. I have used past graphic designers who make some nice designs, but it does not bring that many people to the door. I decided to speak with Multi Talents Technology who a friend of mine had used for his live events. They […]

SEO Review

I had my website up for quite a while and for some reason it was not doing well in the search engines. To be completely honest I did not understand the technical information that you can find in free articles or videoson YouTube. Seeing that I could not do this on my own, I […]