Multi Talents Technology Pte Ltd is also selling a wide range of computer accessories and equipments, from well-known name manufacturers like Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, HP and many more. All these products we offering come with full guarantee along with our high quality customer service. We sell and stock the following items:

  • PC Computers – Laptops & Desktops
  • Fax Machines, Multi-Function Units and Printers,
  • Business Workstation
  • Business Servers
  • Projectors
  • Scanners
  • Digital Cameras
  • Webcams
  • Memory Upgrade Modules
  • Memory sticks
  • Other Accessories

At Multi Talents Technology Pte Ltd, you will find that our prices are very competitive and all the products from us come with the original manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee. We are also selling top quality of used computer systems along with a guarantee period. All the used products from us have been perfectly tested and come along with our declaration for quality. You can also find extended warranty options with us, which are available for our products sold to various customers all across the globe.

We are also selling some computer IT Products that help lots for many computers to get work faster, which includes the following steps:-

Product 1

Performing a routine check for Trojans, spyware, Malware, viruses and other different types of malicious software which can overload your computer system with additional data by slowing down your computer performance and impact a PC ability to run smoothly

Product 2

We will shut down any unnecessary applications, including anti-virus software consume memory, video chat programs instant messaging applications, running on the PC. Media players and Web browsers can cause lags and interruptions in a computer working. By closing unnecessary programs, we can free up memory and boost the computer’s performance very easily

Product 3

By cleaning the hard drive and accessing the Control Panel and freeing up the memory by uninstalling any kind unwanted programs. After removing all the unwanted programs, defragmenting the computer because the files on the hard drive fragment and become disorganized, this affects the computer’s overall performance. To defrag the computer, run the Disc Defragmenter application in Windows. The defragging tool will reorganize the files and increase the computer’s ability to run more efficiently.

Product 4

Updating the video card drivers to improve its overall performance by using video card manufacturers release driver updates to make sure the device is working efficiently and properly.

Product 5

Investing in a new graphics card because many desktops and laptops do not include high-end graphic cards designed for better performing of the computer and laptop

Product 6

Upgrading the RAM in your desktop or laptop, which will depend on your amount of RAM in the computer and by adding additional memory we can increase the smoothness and speed of your computer’s performance. If your computer has lower grade of RAM, then we will upgrade it in order to make the working of your computer very fast. Along with these products, we will make sure your computer is working perfectly.